Community Projects & Partnerships

DUI Victim Tree

Each year, hundreds of Texans are seriously injured or killed as a result of intoxicated drivers. The “DUI Victim Tree” consists of a 6.5 foot holiday tree with green and red ornaments, white lights and a display sign. The sign and ornaments are a display of the statistics where you live. Each red ornament represents a life lost in a DUI crash; the green indicates each person injured. The white lights represent the hope that Texas drivers will designate a driver and not drive impaired. The tree is displayed between Thanksgiving and the New Year holiday. For further information, questions or concerns on this project please email  or call 903-799-1221.

No Cell Phone Zone Project

In an effort to keep our children safe as they are picked up from daycares, schools and other childcare facilities we began the No Cell Phone Zone project. Hundreds of signs are planted in areas all over the region reminding parents and other drivers that pick-up zones should be free from cell phone use.

Shattered Dreams

To prevent alcohol-related deaths among  high school students the Shattered Dreams program provides a simulated crash scene before a student body. It offers students a vivid and up-close picture showing the dangers and consequences associated with drinking and driving.